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Uwharrie Nantucket Collection

Want to bring the rustic look home? Check out Uwharrie Chair Company’s Nantucket Collection that uses durable traditional silhouettes that thrive in your outdoor area.

The Nantucket Collection brings old-fashioned comfort to your patio with each headboard-inspired backs that look straight out of a Victorian beach resort. Stylized, notched details make the Nantucket Collection chair, rocker, bench, settee, chaise lounge, and swing very unique.

A great advantage to the Nantucket Collection is the choice of finish for your furniture. You can decide to get this collection in pine wood so the furniture shows its rustic side over time or opt for a polymer finish to have a more cohesive color that will not show wear so quickly. The Nantucket Collection will shine on your patio, no matter what finishing option you choose!





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