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Why Certain Poly Lumber Colors Are Different Prices?

Posted by Jackie McGraw on Feb 15th 2019

Why Certain Poly Lumber Colors Are Different Prices?

A question that our customers often have is ‘Why are certain colors a different price than others?’ It is a great question, and the answer lies our choice to use eco-friendly poly lumber. Poly lumber is made from recycled plastics that have long-lasting properties. At ECCB Outdoor, we love that it allows our customers so many color options while being low-maintenance and eco-friendly.

The Recycling Process

All of our poly lumber is made using 95% recycled plastics that go through quite an extensive process. First, post-consumer plastics, like milk jugs, arrive at the recycling plant and are shredded. Next, they are washed, cleaned, and sorted to remove any colored plastics that won’t work for the final product. Then the plastics are melted, the color is added, and the lumber is shaped into different board sizes. From there the boards are made into a variety of furniture.

Black Poly Lumber

Black is the easiest color to make, so it is therefore the least expensive. Any combination of colorful recycled plastics can be combined and dyed to create black poly lumber.

Standard & Tropical Poly Lumber Colors

Some of our other colors, such as the vibrant Aruba Blue and Cardinal Red have a more complicated coloring process and are more expensive to create because the plastics have to be clear. That is why you might see a price difference between these colors and black.

Wood Grain Options

Our wood grain options have the most difficult coloring process. They have much more complicated coloring to get the variances in colors that give them a realistic wood look. The lumber goes through additional processes to give it the wood grain texture that makes it a customer favorite. The more intensive process leads to a slightly higher cost for these beautiful color options.

Custom Orders

Finally, custom color orders are a little more expensive than our other options because we don’t stock the lumber. When you place an order for a custom color, or a custom-made item, our team sources the lumber and builds the piece specifically for you and your family to create the perfect backyard oasis.

Poly lumber is a fascinating and useful outdoor material but it’s still new to some consumers! That’s why we are more than happy to help explain a little more about our pricing structure when it comes to our outdoor products, especially the popular Adirondack chairs. If you have any further questions about poly lumber, care, or the products themselves, please visit or call us at 800-687-5086.