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14 Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know About Keeping Their Home Clean

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Mar 1st 2019

14 Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know About Keeping Their Home Clean

Calling all animal lovers! We have the hacks you need to keep your house clean while still loving on your pets. Like your home, pets require a lot of maintenance. We’ve come up with little changes in how your home operates that can make all the difference and ideally save you time when it comes to cleaning.

Don’t Be Fur-ever Cleaning

Cat on Couch with Owner

Your favorite pet probably wouldn’t be as cute or cuddly without all the fluffy fur that comes with them. And while adorable, having this fur falling all over your house isn’t great for those with allergies, or your carpet.

  • Be preventative by using shampoo specially formulated to keep your pet from shedding. Just add this shampoo into to your pet’s grooming routine and you may reduce the hair just by making this simple fix.
  • Have your cleaning done during the day by investing in a Roomba! This method is a little more on the costly side but can definitely reduce the amount of pet hair you see. Be sure to test it out with your pet or have it work on a completely different room to avoid stressing out your pet.
  • Need a quick clean up? Put on rubber gloves and dampen them. Wipe your hands over hair-ridden area and the fur will stick to the rubber. Baby wipes will also remove hair from fabrics in a pinch.
  • If your pet has a certain spot they like to lay, try putting throw blankets there. That way when they’re done relaxing in their favorite spot you can toss the blankets into the wash and get rid of a lot of the hair in one fell swoop.
  • It may seem obvious, but lint rollers are a pet owner’s best friend! Make goodbyes a little less hairy, keep at least one lint roller in your entry way and toss one in your car for quick hair removal.

Take Care of Odor

Cat Sleeping

Regular baths and grooming can help keep pet odor at bay but what about the items they interact with daily? These things can take on that pet smell, giving your house a less than pleasant odor.

  • Whether your pet lays on beds or blankets, wash them with cup of baking soda to remove odors. To avoid irritating your pets’ skin, be sure to use a mild detergent (without dyes or fabric softeners). Wash on a hot cycle to kill any allergens and bacteria. If you’re in the market for a pet bed, try looking for one that has a removable cover, making the cleaning process even easier.
  • Putting charcoal odor bags next to where your pet spends most of their time can also be helpful with taking care of odor, just be sure it’s out of their reach.
  • Is your pet’s favorite plush looking a little sad from too much play and slobber? Throw them in the wash and get rid of the played too hard smell. Like the beds, be sure to use a mild detergent that doesn’t have any dyes or fabric softener properties.
  • Pets’ collars can also be the source of a not so great odor. Give these a good scrubbing every week or so by mixing 2 pumps of dog shampoo with hot water. Soak the collars for 15 minutes and wring out any dirt. Rinse the collars under cool water and pat dry with a towel before hang drying. Be sure to allow the collars to completely dry before putting them back on your pet to avoid ruining the collar.

Be Ready for Spills

Beagle Eating

Pets, like people, can sometimes just have a messy personality. They gobble up their food, have accidents, and can walk through the house with their dirty shoes paws. So, we’ve come up with ways to make cleaning up after your messy pet a little easier.

  • Is your pet a messy eater? If you’re constantly having to clean up food bits or water sloshes, try putting a rubber mat this’s easy to wipe clean under food bowls. A simple swipe of a rag and the area is clean!
  • Make potty-training a breeze with a stain remover you can make with ingredients in your pantry. Mix ½ bottle of white vinegar with water, add 4 teaspoons of baking soda, and put in a spray bottle. When your pet has an accident, blot the stain, spray the remover liberally, let soak for 10 minutes, and blot again.
  • Keep what’s supposed to be outside, from getting inside your house! If you’re pet tends to track in mud, salt, dirt, and other fun outside elements into your home, be sure to wipe their paws when they come into your house. Have a towel (that can easily be washed and bleached) at the ready with a shallow bowl to clean your pets’ paws.

Prevent Bacteria

Pitbull with Toy Outside

Owning a pet is a great experience for the whole family, but the health of everyone is important. Taking care of a pet means preventing them from getting sick or hurt, just like you would a child. Keeping your home clean will help you stay healthy and can be mutually beneficial for your pet too!

  • Where your pet eats can be a hotbed for bacteria growth. Prevent the spread of bacteria in your pets’ food bowls and plastic toys by putting them in dishwasher for a good cleaning.
  • Cleaning up after your pet uses the bathroom is crucial to keep your home in great shape. Specifically, for cat owners, litter boxes can become a bacteria extravaganza if left unattended. It’s recommended to scoop out the litter box once a day and give it a total scrub at least once a week with Dawn soap and water to avoid encouraging bacteria. Regardless of what pet you have, cleaning up after them and disposing of it properly is important for your pets’ and your family’s health.

It’s always great to come home to a clean house, but having a clean house AND a happy pet to come home to? Now that’s a truly great thing. Do you have any other recommendations on keeping your home fresh with a pet? Tell us your suggestions in the comments.