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4 Patio Design Styles You Need to Know About

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Jun 27th 2019

4 Patio Design Styles You Need to Know About

Is your patio in need of a re-do? Or maybe you just haven’t found the right look that fits your home’s personality yet? Finding the right design style and theme for your patio can give your space a sense of completeness and, most of all, home. 

If you’re desiring to find a cohesive theme for your patio, here are four you may want to check out.

Modern Design

Modern design is all about streamlined pieces that are more minimalist than over the top. This design style usually focuses on a neutral color palette and metals that are, above all, sleek. 

Materials to use:

Metals, such as aluminum, can achieve the modern look when used in furniture, accents, and structure (like lamp posts, fencing, etc.). More industrial materials like concrete or light-colored stone gravel can also achieve a sleek, modern look. To add some movement to your outdoor space, pair organic elements like a waterfall that cascades down against stone or vining plants that crawl out of concrete planters. 

Colors to include:

Think metallics! Finishes like aluminum, bronze, or even black give modern design that extra touch of smoothness. If you want to include some other shades, try white or a primary color for an accent. 

Nautical Design

Let your latest sailing adventure (or the one you’ve been dreaming of) influence your outdoor space this summer. Nautical stars, compasses, anchors and other ship-inspired odds and ends will fit right into this design style.  

Materials to use:

If it looks like part of a ship or used to build a ship, it’s perfect. Weathered wood, rope, and stone all play their parts in getting your patio into ship-shape. You can even get a little whimsical with your lighting by incorporating lighthouses and old lanterns. 

Colors to include:

Navy blues, crisp whites, bold reds, and every now and then a gold accent or two all fit right in. These colors evoke a calm, strong combination that’s great for relaxing. Add blocked stripes into your furniture’s cushions or outdoor rug and you’re set to sail. 

Beachy Design

Wouldn’t you love to just travel outside your back door for the beachy vibes you love so much? Just pop open an umbrella, sit back in a comfy chair, and add ocean decor (starfish, sand dollars, sea shells, etc.) that fits right into your ideal beach day.

Materials to use:

Similar to nautical design, rope (try a hammock) and weathered wood furniture really heighten the beach feeling, as well as smooth sandstone for your deck. But above all, try to feature sand, the ultimate beach material, whether you  use it around your fire on in decorative vases. Keep using bold colors even in the details such as lamps or sea glass accents. 

Colors to include:

This is where your love of bright, eclectic colors can really shine! From your furniture to your decor, embrace bold colors as much as you can. A rainbow of color can really liven up your outdoor space and give it that perfect beach-inspired touch. 

Farmhouse Design

Shabby chic, rustic charm, call it what you want, farmhouse design is very much in right now! This style is very simple and be combined with greenery in your outdoor space seamlessly.

Materials to use:

This design style relies on a lot of distressed woods or materials that have the “old look” (whether they are or not, is up to you). Woods, wood grain poly lumber, and accents of galvanized steel are great for giving your outdoor space the rustic charm you’re searching for. Stay away from shiny, plasticky materials; they look too contemporary and stray from your design style. 

Colors to include:

Like the name implies, the farmhouse design style uses more neutral wood-tones as a background (like browns, whites, and grays), like what you might find in an old farmhouse. These wood-tones are accented with the slightest pop of pastel colors that break up the plainer colors. 

ECCB Outdoor offers a wide variety of poly lumber furniture to fit a variety of design styles, click through this slideshow and check them out.

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    Beachy Design Style - Caribbean Collection Silver Frame Chair (in Aruba Blue)
    Farmhouse Design Style - Outer Banks Deluxe Poly Lumber Wood Grain Adirondack Chair (in Birchwood)
    Modern Design Style - Lake Shore Collection Bar Stool (in Dark Gray and White)
    Nautical Design Style - New England Collection Side Chair
    Beachy Design Style - Great Lakes Table Top (in Lime Green)
    Farmhouse Design Style - Outer Banks Poly Lumber Adirondack Rocking Chair (in White)
    Modern Design Style - Caribbean Collection Table Top with Black Frame (in Dark Gray)
    Nautical Design Style - Harbor Collection Double Fixed Adirondack (in Antique Mahogany and White)
    Beachy Design Style - Outer Banks Deluxe Poly Lumber Adirondack Chair with Integrated Footrest (in Bright Orange)
    Farmhouse Design Style - Montauk Collection Table with Farm Style Base (in Antique Mahogany)