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5 Ways to Cool Off This Summer (without a Pool)

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Jul 5th 2019

5 Ways to Cool Off This Summer (without a Pool)

With the sun beating down and humidity high, it can seem like you need a pool to enjoy the season. But this summer, we’re helping you forget the community pool and cool down at home with five fun water activities, no chlorine necessary! 

All of these ideas are perfectly suitable for kids of all ages so everyone can have a good time beating the heat. 


A classic pool alternative, sprinklers can be fun for the whole family. These water-spraying staples of summer can be found in many shapes and sizes: pads, noodles, and even fun cartoon figures like rainbows or unicorns. Just hook up them up to your garden hose and let the entertainment begin! 

Water Table

Give your little ones hours of fun with a water table. From splashing to playing with the water wheels, these tables can entertain them on warmer days when going outside may seem unbearable. If you’re in a pinch, just grab a large plastic container and fill it with some water. Suction cup bath toys to the sides, give your little one some cups, and let them have a blast! 

Inflatable Pool

Okay so it’s still a pool, but having an inflatable pool is way cheaper than the real thing! One that has been making its rounds on the internet is this Minnidip Pool from Target. Its round shape is perfect for smaller spaces and it comes in all kinds of prints to make your relaxing Instagram-friendly. There are also other brands you can get from mega-retailers like Amazon that can be just what you need to cool down. Be sure to check reviews and keep an eye on the dimensions to find the right size for you! 

Water Wars

Sometimes just playing in water isn’t enough, sometimes it just needs to be thrown at you to cool down. Water balloons can be a fun, albeit a little messy, way to launch water at each other. If you don’t want to worry about picking up balloon scraps, you can also do the same thing with super soakers. Both are a great way to organize older kids (or adults) into teams or races to see who comes out on top.

DIY Water Slide

Have a nice hill in your yard? Lay a tarp down, get water flowing on it with a hose, and you have yourself a great water slide- no cleaning necessary! This is great if you are having a larger group of people over. There’s no height requirement or age limit on this slide!

What are your favorite ways to cool off in the summer? Let us know here or on Facebook