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Why Adirondack Chairs Make a Great Gift

Posted by ECCB Outdoor on Oct 25th 2019

Why Adirondack Chairs Make a Great Gift

It’s the gift-giving season! Time to make a list and check it twice to make sure you have the perfect present for all the special people in your life. 

One thing you may not have considered as a possible gift is a comfy, sturdy Adirondack chair! On first thought, it may seem too big and bulky to make a proper gift. Or you may be concerned about picking the right option. 

But if you know the recipient well, an Adirondack chair could be the perfect gift. Here are some of the benefits of gifting Adirondack chairs, as well as some tips for making your selection.

What makes Adirondack chairs good gifts?

While the Adirondack style is an American classic, they are not a common gift. This makes them a great option for “the person who has everything.” You can be sure that no one else will think to get your friend or loved one the same thing for Christmas this year!

And while the general style is relatively traditional, these chairs come in a wide variety of colors and with plenty of options. Adirondacks can come with footrests, cup holders, folding or fixed, and with different levels of decoration. This lets you tailor the chair to your specific recipient, making sure that they get the perfect version for their homes. 

An Adirondack chair provides a comfortable place to sit outdoors and unwind after work or on the weekends. So by giving a chair as a gift, you’ll be giving your friend or loved one the gift of relaxation and stress relief. It’s the perfect place to read a book, listen to music, or watch the clouds go by. 

You can also further customize your gift with a cute cushion and cozy blanket. Spring will be here before you know it, so create the perfect nest where your friend can soak up the sun on those first warm days!

What are the best occasions for this gift?

Adirondack chairs make great gifts for Christmas or birthdays. But they’re also perfect for couples or households. A pair of chairs (or a two-seater) would make a sweet gift for a newlywed couple. Where better to make plans for their future together? Adirondack chairs also make a perfect housewarming present, providing the new homeowners with a place to lounge at the end of the day. 

Let’s talk logistics

A piece of furniture isn’t as easy to hide as a necktie or a bottle of wine. So we have a few suggestions on how to maneuver the gift-giving process.

The easiest route for you would be to ship the chair directly to the recipient. If you choose to do that, you probably won’t be present for the opening. And the gift recipient will have to put the chair together themselves. Another option is to have it shipped to yourself first. That way, you can put it together, and then bring it to your friend. Just make sure it will fit in your car or truck before you put it together.

If you live with your gift recipient, you may be concerned about where to hide such a large gift before the special occasion. If that’s the case, you could give a picture of the chair to the recipient as the gift, and arrange for the chair to be delivered the next day. That way, you won’t have to worry about finding somewhere to stash it. 

Ask a nearby friend if you can keep it in their garage for a few days. Offer space in your garage as a trade!

A few more things to keep in mind…

When buying any furniture as a gift, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the recipient has somewhere to put it. A spacious deck, patio or backyard will be required. A small apartment balcony will probably not work.

When making your selection think about their home decor and personal style. Some Adirondack chairs have more straight, modern lines, like the Creek Side chair. This may be a good option in a contemporary house. Others are more ornate, like the polymer version from Uwharrie’s Veranda Collection. This option would be more appropriate for a cottage or classic beach house. So take the recipient’s home style into account before making your purchase. 

Also, think about how the recipient is likely to use the chair. If they like to have lots of outdoor gatherings, a set of chairs will let them add valuable seating. If they like to snuggle up with a book and a cup of tea, a leg rest will be perfect. And if they like to rearrange their furniture often, a folding option will come in handy. 

Finally, consider the color. There are Adirondack chairs in every color, from natural wood to teal to hot pink! If you don’t know your gift recipient’s color preference, you may want to go with a neutral tone like white, black, or mahogany. ECCB lets you order poly lumber color samples for free, so you can see the actual color of the chair before you finalize your purchase. For more information about ordering samples, check out this blog post!


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With some careful thought, Adirondack chairs can make the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life. You’re giving them more than a piece of outdoor furniture — you’re giving them the gift of relaxation. That’s a gift they’ll enjoy for years to come.