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7 Outdoor Design Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Posted by ECCB Outdoor on May 6th 2020

7 Outdoor Design Trends to Look Out For in 2020

With temperatures rising and days growing longer, the summer season is right around the corner. Warmer days and evenings means more time spent in your outdoor getaway, and if you’re looking to refresh your patio design for the 2020 summer season, we have just the answers for you.

While 2019 outdoor living trends emphasized bold, bright pops of color and clean, contemporary lines, popular design trends for 2020 bring back warmer, muted tones and pair a variety of textures together for an eye-catching outdoor design. Find some inspiration for your next outdoor living project with our list of the most popular design trends for the 2020 patio season!

1. Garden Rooms

In 2020, we’re all about the beauty of plants and incorporating natural greenery into our living spaces. With technology gluing us to our phones and computers for large portions of the day, garden rooms provide a colorful escape from the distractions and give us an opportunity to connect with a small piece of nature.

Whether you section off a piece of your porch or patio to dedicate to greenery, or simply just adorn your current outdoor space with various potted plants, adding these plants will provide a natural element to your design.  If you’re short on space, vertical gardens are a popular way to add style and natural charm to your patio or porch this season. Incorporating succulents, ferns, and Hosta will give your garden a variety of green textures, while Lipstick Plants and Crotons will give your wall a pop of color.

2. Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

No outdoor design could be complete in 2020 without a functional outdoor bar and kitchen! This season, bringing the bar and kitchen outside is on the rise because of how convenient it is to have your meal and drink prep space in one place. You and your guests will love spending time together outside without the interruption of leaving to prepare a refill!

If you’re looking to add an outdoor bar to your patio this season to follow the trend, check out the Lake Shore Bar from ECCB Outdoor! Its beautiful, functional design allows you to store and prep drinks behind the counter as well as customize the durable poly lumber colors to match your outdoor design.

3. Entertaining Space for Day and Night

Our outdoor living spaces have become some of our most important spots to relax, and 2020 trends are trying to maximize our time spent there.

Fire pits have become a staple in outdoor entertainment spots, and they provide a great centerpiece for guests to gather around for an evening together. Their light and warmth brings a cozy vibe to your space and allows the party to continue into the night! Adding decorative string lights brightens your space with some extra lighting and enhances your outdoor ambience.

4. Warm and Muted Tones

The new Napa Collection Sofa and Coffee Table from ECCB Outdoor

Step away from those bright pops of color this year and focus on the neutrals! This summer we’ll see a shift in patio design that features warm, muted tones for a cozy and relaxing space. When paired with porch plants and gardens, these tones are sure to make the natural greenery pop!

In furniture, look for pieces that have browns, tans, and greys, and pair them with pillows and fabric that feature coordinating designs and colors. Tables and seating made with wood-like material will look great on patios built using natural materials with similar tones!

Stunning new collections from ECCB Outdoor that follow this trend are the Napa Collection and the Farmhouse Collection with your choice of neutral poly lumber frame colors or wood grains that capture the texture and appearance of real wood. These pieces are easy to care for and offer beautiful seating that will keep your outdoor patio right on trend.  

5. Bring Indoor Style Outside

Comfortable seating that invites you and your guests to relax is moving outside of the living room in 2020! Patios, porches, and decks are continuing to transform into spaces that prioritize coziness and comfortability, without sacrificing style.

Outdoor furniture arrangements are evolving to match indoor living room designs, with large, comfy couches and fabrics playing an important role. To create the entertainment space that optimizes socialization and comfort, switch out your patio furniture for deep seating chairs and couches that face each other, with coffee tables at the center and end tables throughout. Fabrics that play off your patio’s color scheme will add an important aesthetic element and make the seating more inviting! The new Poly Ridge and Mission Collections from ECCB Outdoor give you the options to add pieces like sofas, love seats, chairs, ottomans, and more to your space with fabric that will last in the outdoors!

6. Mixed Materials

Incorporating textures into your outdoor space is increasing in popularity among homeowners in 2020. These textures can come from using mixed materials in the construction of your patio, or in the furniture and design that you choose. Monochromatic materials is on the way out and variety is in!

Adding stone or gravel to a concrete patio will help to mix up the textures and add the slightest color variance to the space while maintaining a coordinating tone. Wicker furniture with aluminum accents combine two unlikely textures and styles for a fresh look, and oak or birch furniture with copper adds some interesting visual variety!

7.  Functional Gardens

Not only are the green, natural elements of plants up-and-coming this 2020 summer, the functionality of gardens are also becoming a huge trend. The theme of sustainability has been on the rise in recent years, and now, homeowners are bringing it to their outdoor space in smaller, stylish pieces.

Potted or boxed spice gardens can add greenery and texture to any outdoor space. Plants like Basil, Mint, Thyme, and Oregano are easy to care for and will smell great on your porch or patio, and best of all, you can incorporate these fresh herbs and spices into your meals! If you have extra space, planting a vegetable garden with peppers, peas, and tomatoes will give you a taste of the sustainable lifestyle and stay on trend with your functional garden!

With the 2020 summer right around the corner, your outdoor space is in need of a refreshing makeover. To help you decide where to start, we’ve covered the 7 most popular trends for this patio season that will leave your outdoor getaway feeling cozy and inviting for your next day or nighttime gathering. You and your guests will love the fresh greenery, variety of textures, and comfortable seating that comes with the 2020 outdoor living season!