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Projects to Get Your Home and Garden Ready for Spring

Posted by ECCB Outdoor on May 11th 2020

Projects to Get Your Home and Garden Ready for Spring

Being stuck inside during the quarantine doesn’t have to keep you from being productive! In fact, it’s a great opportunity to tackle some home improvement projects before the warm weather sets in. There are so many new projects that will enhance your home and garden this spring, and many of them are fully DIY. We’ve compiled a list of easy (and fun!) projects that you’ll love to cross off your to-do list this spring.

New Planters

In 2020, we’re all about greenery and incorporating nature into our daily living! Adding some new planters to your porch, patio, or deck will give you some lovely plants to admire, and it will enhance your outdoor design as well.

Hanging planters are a staple for covered outdoor areas, and there are so many DIY twists on this old classic. If you’re looking to update your current planters to a rustic look, consider birdcage planters. You can find small bird cages at thrift stores, Walmart, Amazon, or Etsy to fit your exact needs. Buy a burlap or coir liner, fill it with potting soil, plant your favorite flowers or succulents, and hang it with some rope! (Tip: these planters look especially eye-catching with flowers and greenery cascading down from the cage)

If you’re looking for a new planter to add on the ground, we have just the thing. Wagon planters are a creative trend that will look great wherever you decide to take it! You can find these on Amazon, Walmart, or at a hardware store, but if you have one to recycle, even better. You can choose to paint it any color you want, or keep it the classic bright red. Drill holes in the bottom to allow drainage, fill with a layer of rocks and then potting soil. Add your colorful flowers and take it anywhere you desire around your outdoor home or garden!

Add Lighting

To maximize time spent outside, we’re looking to add some nighttime mood lighting to outdoor spaces. That way, you can enjoy the warm evenings under soft light, or host gatherings into the night.

Taking the rustic style of Edison bulbs outside is a great way to add style and lighting to your space. If you have a covered porch or deck, you can install small hooks to hang these lights along the perimeter of the roof, or string these lights throughout a pergola canopy.

If you don’t have a roof or covering to attach these lights, no problem! These lights look great strung along railings or trees. On the other hand, you can add lighting with other landscaping features. Purchase solar lights and install them along pathways or in the corners of planter boxes. This small change will illuminate your landscaping at night and create a charming ambiance.

Stepping Stones

Creating a pathway using stepping-stones is a great way to add some creativity and art to your garden, and your kids can have fun with it too! Measure the space you want to put your stepping-stones, whether it’s outside of the garden or along a new pathway. Look for a concrete mix that’s labeled as “repair concrete”, this will have a finer texture that will work best for stepping-stones.

You’ll want to choose stepping stone molds that will best fit the space. You can buy molds in the store, or search for household boxes and takeout containers that will work just as well. Follow the instructions on the concrete mix, and be sure to wear protective equipment.

Before they dry, you can decorate these stones in so many ways! Add some mosaic tiles, stamp them with letters or numbers, or imprint a leaf from your backyard. This is where you and your fellow decorators can let creativity flow!

Swing Sets for Grown-Ups

Once your kids outgrow their old swing set, it’s time for the adults to have their fun! If it’s still in good condition, repurposing that swing set in your backyard is a great way to keep the memories while continuing to use it.

First, remove any swings or slides that were attached to the frame. You can choose to paint the frame to freshen up the look, or keep an exposed wood for a rustic style. Make sure the hooks are securely fastened, and install hammock swivel hardware kits, found at your local hardware store. Choose one or two chair hammocks to hang, depending on the size of the frame.

Spread mulch or stone to the ground underneath the swing set. You can place stepping-stones, plant flowers, add a side table, and install lighting for a peaceful outdoor getaway. Add some pillows and these seats will be perfect for curling up with a glass of wine!

Build Your Own Fire Pit

If you’ve always dreamed of gathering guests around your backyard fire pit, but don’t want to break the bank building one, this project is just for you! The necessary materials can be found at your local hardware store for a low cost, and when it’s finished, this simple in-ground fire pit will look great in your backyard.

Measure out the diameter of your fire pit and mark down where you want to dig. Fully dig out the hole about 10-14 inches, or as deep as you want the fire pit to be. Cover the bottom layer of the hole with gravel and line the diameter of the hole with firebricks. Then, for safety, clear out the grass several inches around your marked fire pit. Add paving stones around the fire pit, and place some benches or outdoor chairs around the pit for the final touch! This will be a hit for your spring and summer evenings.

There are so many ways to keep busy while stuck inside. These fun DIY projects are great improvements for your outdoor home and garden. As the days and nights get warmer, they’ll prepare your outdoor space to look great for everyday use!

What are some outdoor projects you’re planning to tackle this spring?