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How to Plan a Fourth of July Party at Home

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Jun 26th 2020

How to Plan a Fourth of July Party at Home

The Fourth of July not only has historical significance, but is also a day most Americans get to enjoy time relaxing with family, and typically, fireworks. But, thanks to COVID-19, this year’s celebration is probably looking a little different than your normal tradition.

With cancelled events and celebrations, you may need to find a new plan for your Fourth of July weekend. Why not not create your own fun-filled day right at home? Although it isn’t quite the same, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to spend time with family and make memories on a beautiful summer day. 

Step #1: Grab the Decorations!

Decor might not be your first concern but it is the element that requires the most preparation! Go the Amazon Prime route or hit up your local Michaels, Dollar Store, or Party City and get everything you need.

Some simple decor ideas include:

  • Red, white, and blue bead necklaces (to be worn or can add a themed element to your table runner)
  • Putting little flags in real or fake flower arrangements
  • Paper streamers
  • Themed cups, plates, and napkins
  • Balloons

None of these are elaborate, hard, or over the top, but still pack a patriotic punch that elevates your house or backyard to party perfection. 

Step #2: Create the Menu!

Since you are most likely the main chef of this soiree, you get to call the shots! Make the traditional hot dog and hamburger spread or get crafty with a summer seafood broil; it’s up to what you feel like making for the day. Let your creativity shine through with dessert by having a “toppings bar” to accompany your ice cream or s’mores treats. 

Just keep in mind you may not be feeding the big crowd you are used to, so changing up your proportions is key (unless you want to be eating it for the next week). 

Step #3: Organize a Little Entertainment!

There doesn’t need to be a formulaic agenda that details your family’s every move that day, but having some entertainment ideas in place is important. Don’t worry, we have a little something for everyone! 

For the kids: 

  • Simple crafts that don’t require too much effort or supervision (grab these on your decorations run!)
  • Water activities (water balloons, pool time, tarp slip and slide, sprinkler)
  • Themed coloring pages

For the adults: 

  • Pool time 
  • Lawn games (cornhole, ladderball, horseshoes, etc.)
  • Card games 

Make sure to charge up your portable speakers so everyone can listen to their favorite music while taking in the day. Fourth of July is a great time to just kick back, relax, and enjoy summer, so don’t get bogged down with trying to find the perfect way to entertain everyone. You want to have fun too!

Step #4: Give Them a Show!

If your fireworks show is cancelled, bring a spark of it home with your own fireworks display. Depending on your state, purchasable fireworks can range from handheld sparklers all the way up to big ones you see in the sky. Please consult any HOA guidelines or city/state regulations that may be in place for explosives before you put your whole show together. 

If you aren’t comfortable having your own fireworks or if the weather isn’t on your side, pull up a fireworks stream from YouTube on the biggest screen you have and enjoy the big booms from your couch. Obviously it isn’t the same feeling as watching them under the stars, but if you want your day to still end with fireworks, you do what you have to do!

While this Fourth of July most likely looks different for you and your family, it doesn’t have to be a total loss. The party you put together in your home will be memorable and personal, allowing you to spend the time with those closest to you without running to multiple picnics or gatherings that day. This is the year to just relax and enjoy. 

We hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July and stay safe!