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At Home Halloween Ideas for 2020

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Oct 15th 2020

At Home Halloween Ideas for 2020

Don’t let your Halloween spirit go to waste in 2020! This past year has brought more things that go bump in the night than we’d like to count, but we can’t forgo a little Halloween fun, even if it is at home. 

If your trick or treat festivities have been canceled for this year or you feel more comfortable not doing your usual Halloween on the town, we have some ideas to make your home full of Halloween cheer. 

Don’t let October 31st pass you by without celebrating! As a kid, it can be uplifting and a lot of fun to see your parents get in the spirit of holidays without being afraid of looking a little silly. It’s important to add fun where you can and bring a little normalcy to you and your family. 

  • Pumpkin carving/drawing is a must! If you want to carve your pumpkins, make sure not to do them too early in the month so you’ll be able to see them glowing in all their glory on Halloween night. Don’t want to be on clean up duty for pumpkin guts? Try painting or drawing on pumpkins for a no-muss, no-fuss alternative that’s easier for kids of all ages.
  • Dress up in costume or Halloween jammies! If you’ve already put time and effort into a costume for your kids or yourself, pull it out and put it on. Even if your party location only includes the first floor of your house, there is absolutely no shame in putting that costume to use and hanging out at home. If you’re not feeling like coming up with a costume this year for you or your family, spring for coordinating Halloween pajamas to get everyone in the spirit and have a costume “feel” (without the extra work).
  • Give out candy in a Halloween piñata! As a kid, you probably remember having one mission on Halloween: get that candy. If your typical Halloween class party has been canceled, give your kids another way to guarantee that sugar comes their way. In your yard or a very open part of your home, fill up a Halloween-themed piñata, get a stick and blindfold, and secure the piñata just within reach. Give your kids a few spins and send them swinging for their candy fix!
  • Have a movie marathon! Let everyone in the family vote on their favorite spooky flick, sit down, and settle in. There are so many Halloween/fall movies available on streaming services or for rental, here are a few popular ones to throw in the mix if you need a little inspiration: 
    • “Hocus Pocus”
    • “The Addams Family”
    • “Sleepy Hollow”
    • “Beetlejuice”
    • “Hotel Transylvania”
    • “Nightmare Before Christmas”
    • “Goosebumps”

Once you have your movie line-up ready to go, don’t forget to have the snacks on hand…

  • Bring on the treats! If you don’t have to worry about the transporting of the food by being at home, you can break out your inner baker and make elaborate treats and snacks to enjoy! From frightfully fun cupcakes to petrifying popcorn mixes to dark desserts, you can get a little more creative and put that time you’ve spent this past year watching “The Great British Bake Off” to good use. 
  • Tell ghost stories around the bonfire! Light up a fire in your indoor or outdoor fireplace and relax under the stars with spooky tales. There’s just something that is so fall about being around a fire and it’s perfect for dark Halloween nights. Charge everyone with coming up with their best scary story to share and don’t forget the s’mores! 

If you’re planning on a home-based Halloween this year, these ideas will not only inspire a little Halloween spirit, they will also be great memories for your family to recount through the years. 

We hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!