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Our Top 4 Poly Lumber Tables for Your Patio

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Nov 21st 2020

Our Top 4 Poly Lumber Tables for Your Patio

Maybe you’ve been spending more time outside this year and want to keep that up in 2021! Embrace outdoor dining, working from home, and game nights out on your patio with the right table for you and your family.  

ECCB Outdoor poly lumber tables are made of 95% certified recycled materials that are low maintenance and easy to take care of. These tables don’t absorb moisture and will not warp, crack, or rot in your outdoor space. They are the perfect addition to make any patio feel homier.  

Outer Banks, Lake Shore, and Harbor Poly Lumber Picket Fence Tables 

These three table styles are completely classic, and all embody just the right amount of beachiness for your outdoor area. Each of them has a picket style base underneath that features thinner slats on either end, connected by larger pieces of poly for full support.  

These tables can be purchased in a variety of sizes and our full range of poly lumber colors to fit exactly what you are envisioning for your backyard set-up. 

Shop the  Outer BanksLake Shore, and Harbor Collections.  

Montauk Table 

The Montauk Dining Table is perfect for those who love farm-style tables. With its large beam base construction and board-like frame slats on top, this table looks so much like the trendy rustic aesthetic. The Montauk Collection has an oversized look that will fit right in in any outdoor area. These tables are available in specific poly lumber colors to retain the rustic elements.  

Shop the Montauk Collection  here

Farmhouse Table 

Complete your patio’s country cottage feeling with the dual-colored Farmhouse Table. This slatted table is supported by four lathed legs, giving it support at each corner. The simple, handcrafted cottage look is perfect for any space you want to add a little country charm! 

Shop the Farmhouse Collection  here

Poly Ridge Table 

The lodge style doesn’t have to stop inside your door; bring it to your outdoor space with the spacious Poly Ridge Table. This collection relies on log-like extrusions of poly lumber to give this table its hickory stick look at the base and legs. The Poly Ridge Table comes exclusively in our Antique Mahogany wood grain and brown poly lumber to complete the woodsy vibe.  

Shop the Poly Ridge Collection  here

Having the option of a larger poly lumber table on your patio opens so many ways you can keep enjoying the outdoors and what your home has to offer! You can see all our poly lumber table offerings  here to find the right style for your patio.  

If you need help with color selections or size questions, you can contact our customer care team at 800-687-5086 or chat with them through our website.