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4 Reasons Why a Squirrel or Bird Feeder Will Make a Great Gift for the Holidays

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Dec 11th 2020

4 Reasons Why a Squirrel or Bird Feeder Will Make a Great Gift for the Holidays

Buying for the nature lover that has it all this holiday season? Check out our new line of squirrel and bird feeders! We think they’ll love to find the  Enchanted Animal Collection Squirrel FeederStandard Poly Lumber FeederStandard Poly Lumber Feeder with Suet Feeder, or Oriole Feeder under their tree this year.  

Besides adding a little joy to your loved ones’ life, there are four reasons that a squirrel or bird feeder will make a great gift this holiday season.

Entertaining for the Whole Family

From the smallest kids to elderly adults, a squirrel or bird feeder is the perfect gift for the whole family because everyone can get involved. Between adding the food or having fun just watching the backyard animals feast, there’s a little something for everyone to bond over. Not only is watching the squirrels and birds entertaining, it also can be an educational opportunity. This can promote curiosity about the animals you’re seeing, how much and what kind of food they enjoy, and the interactions between them. 

An Eco-Friendly Gift

Feel good about giving an environmentally friendly gift that’s made from recycled and recyclable material. These feeders are made from poly lumber that has a composition of 95% certified recycled materials and are remainders from making our larger outdoor furniture. This durable material is perfect for being weather-resistant in your yard and is low maintenance so you’re not also gifting a chore!

It’s Good for Their Mental Health

Did you know having contact with nature is good for your mental health? In fact, observing or being in nature can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress, all contribute to a better mental health. Bringing nature to right outside your window with these feeders can inspire mindfulness and being present in the moment, a welcome break from any under- or over-stimulated environments. And after this past year, you can’t put a price on that! 

The Animals Will Appreciate the Help

As the snow falls and colder temperatures set in, it can be hard for your local birds and squirrels to find food. By providing them with easy access to food, you’ll be helping them out (especially in the winter months) while also encouraging them to frequent your yard, reducing insects and helping improve your outdoor area’s ecosystem. These feeders make it easy to add the food of your choice while also protecting the food itself with the roof and sides on the bird feeder and the sturdy peg of the squirrel feeder. 

These feeders require little maintenance and will offer the gift recipient years of enjoyment to come as they delight in the nature outside their door.  

Ready to choose the right feeder? See the different styles and select the perfect color for the nature lover in your life at You can view our full collection of feeders and birdhouses there as well.