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Outdoor Living Staples That Will Be Everywhere in 2021

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Apr 14th 2021

Outdoor Living Staples That Will Be Everywhere in 2021

In 2020, we learned how important having an outdoor space that you can relax in was, especially if it’s the only place you can “vacation to” all year. We saw more people getting creative with their spaces than ever; and it’s not stopping this year! The value of a patio that you love is unmatched and there are a few trends that are rising in popularity because more people are taking their outdoor spaces seriously.  

Whether you’re furnishing your home patio, an Airbnb, or your resort, these trends that are quickly turning into outdoor living staples will help you elevate your space for this year and beyond!  

Perfectly Placed Porch Furniture – Backyards aren’t the only place that are getting a little TLC; giving your front porch a few seats is also right on trend. Try putting a couple of rockers, Adirondack chairs, a swing, or a bench out front and give yourself a place to survey your front walk. Not only is this functional, it’s also a great backdrop for making your front porch look extra homey and a simple foundation for seasonal decorations.  

Mood Lighting – There’s no excuse not to use your patio on those warm summer evenings when you have the right lighting. Those warm, Edison-esque bulbs you see glowing off of restaurant patios and rooftop bars are perfect for your outdoor space! These lights are inexpensive, easy to find, and can make a huge difference in shedding some light on your backyard situation. 

Outdoor Offices – With more companies realizing employees can be fully functional at home, there is an opportunity for you to take advantage of those beautiful weather days, even while clocked in. All you need is a reliable table for a desk, a chair you’re comfortable sitting in all day, WiFi that extends to your outdoor space, and a close enough electrical outlet and it’s easy to carve out a little outdoor office in your patio. Your 9-5 never looked so sunny!  

Someone is planting basil in a small garden beside the house. Only two arms and hands are visible and the person is wearing navy blue long sleeves shirt. The scene is during spring in Quebec, Canada.

Green Spaces – Adding little herb gardens, vegetable patches, and leafy plants rose in popularity last year and continues to grow. Growing plants in your outdoor space is not only a bump for your landscape, it can also improve your state of mind and give you the feelings of accomplishment. It doesn’t take much to add this trend to your outdoor space, pick up some seeds, soil, and a planter the next time you’re out and test your green thumb. 

White sheet ready for a movie night outdoors with food and chairs

Movies Under the Stars – Can’t go to the movie theater? Not a problem when there’s one in your backyard! This has been a constant trend for the past few years and with the increased availability and lower costs of projector equipment, it’s easier than ever to save on theater prices and pop the popcorn at home. Adding a projector is great for the whole family and will give new life to your next movie night, game, or Mario Kart competition. 

Outdoor Living Rooms – Tired of staring at four walls while watching the game or visiting with family? Turn your outdoor space into a second living room! There are so many deep seating and lounge furniture options that can make your patio a replica of your indoor space. If you really want to level up, add a ceiling fan for muggy days and a TV. With comfy seating and technology, your outdoor living room can easily become your favorite hangout!  

Cozy Up to a Fire Pit – Bonfire season is upon us! Fire pits are great for cooking, parties, and just plain old relaxing. Whether you have a large fire ring or a fire table, you also need furniture that can easily be moved to be in the warmth, but out of the smoke. Don’t have a firepit? Try your hand at creating one this weekend! This is one of the easiest DIYs that is worth the investment if you love taking advantage of beautiful weather under the stars.  

Your outdoor space is more than just a backyard, it’s a spot where you can enjoy nature and hopefully some peace and quiet. Whether you’re inspired to add one of these staples or all of them, it’s a great time to take a look at your current patio situation and see how you can get the most use out of the space.  

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