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Everything You Need for a Mid-Century Modern Patio

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Apr 28th 2021

Everything You Need for a Mid-Century Modern Patio

Looking to make your current patio more contemporary? Try putting a mid-century modern twist on it!  This design style was first popular in the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s and has been resurfaced in popularity for indoor design, while invading outdoor living spaces as well.  

Mid-century modern design relies on sleek lines, organic and geometric shapes, minimal ornamentation, and contrasting materials for a distinct look. Commonly used materials are a combination of wood, metal, vinyl, plywood, plexiglass, and Lucite.  

Ready to infuse your outdoor space with this design style? Check out our ideas on how to refresh your patio space with this blast from the past.  

Patio Material and Landscaping: 

Let’s talk about the foundation! Luckily, it’s easy to integrate mid-century modern design into your patio because it’s a simplistic, minimalist style. This design style can look great on a variety of foundations: stone, concrete, or any other neutral color surface.  

To contrast these surfaces, lush landscaping with lots of greenery is ideal! Palm Springs, California has the largest collection of mid-century modern architecture, which also translates to the outdoor areas featuring palm trees, shrubbery, and cacti.  

With the straightforwardness of the design, mid-century modern style can be achieved in any size patio space because of the streamlined furniture; it’s perfect for patios big or small! 

Patio Furniture

Your patio furniture is the best way to add the mid-century modern design to your outdoor space. The mid-century modern look emphasizes entertaining and a mixing of materials; two things you’ll want to keep in mind while searching for furniture.  

Woods, wickers, and metals are two common materials in this style, but make sure the items are outdoor grade. If you don’t want the maintenance of wood (like a teak), we recommend trying a wood grain poly lumber for a low-maintenance alternative and keep your outdoor looking as sharp as possible. 

Here are a few of our ECCB Outdoor favorites for your mid-century modern patio: 

  • Lake Shore Collection Chat Chair – Comfortable chairs in single color keeps the modern aesthetic flowing without being too busy. 
  • Monaco Deep Seating Collection – Streamlined silhouette deep seating that features a wood grain poly lumber and contrasts with cushions. 
  • Luca Collection – Structured classic slatted design chairs, bar stools and tables, some with a pop of color that pairs well with the sleek black frame. 
  • Lena Collection – Chairs and bar stools featuring a curved top bracing that has a great organic shape.  

Colorful Details: 

It’s all in the details! Integrating color into your patio design needs to be kept sleek and simple. No unnecessary decor or knick-knacks here! All patio accessories (think planters, cushions/throw pillows, or outdoor rugs) should be functional and are a great way to use color without it being too much.  

When it comes to choosing colors for your mid-century modern patio, the sky’s the limit! All colors are welcome in this design style but should be used as accents among the neutral patio foundation. Adding pops of color in your patio design can breathe life into the otherwise blacks, whites, and grays. This keeps the modern scheme without littering the visual space with too much clutter.   

Mid-century modern design is a great way to keep your outdoor patio area simple and on trend, no matter the size of the space you’re working with.  

Ready to furnish your outdoor space? Check out for everything you’ll need for this design style, and beyond.