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9 Best Spots to Put Your Adirondack Chair at Home

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on May 11th 2021

9 Best Spots to Put Your Adirondack Chair at Home

Just you, your favorite drink close by, and the great outdoors… it doesn’t get any more relaxing than that! But where to put your new Adirondack chairs can be tricky. Do you want sun or prefer shade? What kind of view are you looking for? Obviously, you can move your chairs, but it’s so much easier to have them in the spot where you’ll get the most out of them.  

There’s no wrong place to put an Adirondack chair but we wanted to share our favorites with you, featuring some great customer photos we can’t get enough of! 

On the Open or Covered Patio  

On the patio is always a great idea! Adirondack chairs bring a timeless, traditional feeling to any outdoor space. They are also ideal for those who love to entertain, you can move these to complement existing furniture or make up a new seating arrangement to promote easy conversation while guests stay comfortable. If you are putting your chairs in an open area, make sure you’re purchasing a weather-resistant material (like our poly lumber) so you’ll have great looking chairs, no matter your weather, for years to come. 

Down by the Dock  

Perfect for watching boats go by and enjoying the sunset, a pair of Adirondack chairs at the end of your dock can complete your lake house look. You can’t beat the view from being this close to the water, but also having a pleasant place to sit. Don’t want to leave the chairs out when you’re not there? Make sure to invest in folding Adirondack chairs that can easily be transported back up to the house when need be.  

By the Front Porch 

Nothing says a cozy home like an Adirondack chair by the front porch! There’s something so friendly and inviting to have this classic silhouette be the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your house. Not only can use this as a post to survey your front yard, it’s also a great addition to seasonal and holiday decor displays.  

Around the Fire  

Take a seat, stay awhile, and keep warm. Whether you have a firepit, fire table, or have enough room for a whole bonfire, Adirondack chairs are an excellent seating choice to stay cozy and relaxed for nights under the stars. Our Adirondack chair frames are fully-supported for durability and strength but are also easy enough to move around, which is important for when smoke follows beauty around the fire. 

By the Pool  

Adirondack chairs fit right into any beach aesthetic, and that includes your swimming pool! There’s no better place to sit and relax after a few laps or to read the day away while staying comfortable. Bring a piece of the beach life to your own oasis! 

On the Front Lawn 

Give your front lawn the home, sweet home treatment with these comfortable chairs as a refuge. As opposed to being on your front porch, arranging your Adirondack chairs on your front lawn is a great way to inspire homeyness and show off the chairs without any obstruction (hedges, railings, etc.). Use these as a focal point for your front yard and be center stage to all that happens in front of your house. 

In the Garden  

You work so hard on your garden; you should be able to enjoy it from the best seat in the house! Adding an Adirondack chair to your garden is a great way to admire your handiwork at the ground level, while also enhancing the environment’s coziness. For garden chairs, we do recommend chairs made from materials that are resistant to insects (like poly lumber) to avoid any extra guests that may be buzzing around.  

On the Balcony  

Don’t miss the opportunity to take full advantage of your view! An Adirondack chair (or two) on your balcony lets you take in every sunrise and sunset from a snug seat. Enjoy your time reading, relaxing after a long day, or just watching the world go by on your balcony. You’ll get more use out of these typically smaller outdoor spaces if you have a spot to sit in.  

By the Flagpole  

There is no more American silhouette for outdoor seating than the Adirondack chair! With its iconic shape, Adirondack chairs are perfectly patriotic and will look great next to your flagpoles. The area round flagpoles can sometimes be difficult to landscape, so these chairs are an easy compromise to polish the space without having to do much work around it! 

Ready to add an Adirondack chair to your favorite spot to relax? Check out our full selection on and find the right chair for your home.