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How to Choose a Poly Lumber Dining Set-Up for Your Patio

Posted by ECCB Outdoor on Jun 9th 2021

How to Choose a Poly Lumber Dining Set-Up for Your Patio

Ready to spend more days (and nights) outdoors? Adding a dining table and seating to your patio is a great way to do so! During the day, this dining area can serve as your lunch area or home office, while at night, it’s the perfect spot to entertain or enjoy dinner as a family.  

We offer a wide variety of poly lumber options because it’s a fantastic material for outdoor use. You’ll want your dining furniture to last as long as possible, which makes high-performance poly lumber perfect for the job. This material is ideal for all types of weather and climates (including beachfront properties). Poly lumber does not absorb moisture, so you don’t have to worry about waterproofing, staining, or painting this material to keep it in top-notch condition. Plus, by being made with 95% certified recycled materials, it’s eco-friendly!  

At ECCB Outdoor, we have a large selection of styles, custom options, and colors to choose from to make your patio uniquely yours. As you peruse the offerings, here are a few criteria you’ll want to keep in mind:  

What’s your style? 

From classic to contemporary to farmhouse, we have a design style for everyone! We’ve divided our collections by style so you can have an easier time selecting which fits best in your home or creates the look you’re trying to achieve.  

Our dining collections each have their own unique style that can complement your patio: 

Each of these collections feature similar products that go with each of these styles so you can pair your outdoor dining set-up flawlessly.  

What kind of height do you want? 

Almost all our dining tables can be made to your choice of table (30” tall), counter (36” tall), or bar height (42” tall), depending on your preference. So, whether you want to have standard table height to accommodate the whole family or add more of a high-top look, we can make our poly lumber tables to what height you need.  

What seating options do you want to add? 

After you’ve figured out what style you prefer and how high you want your table, you can pick matching or contrasting seating to go with! Chairs, counter height bar stools, bar stools, and even benches are available to complete your outdoor table. Many of these seating options can also be made with arms or without, so you can decide what kind of space you have to work with around your table.  

Choose seating that matches exactly with your collection or contrast styles. If you opt for contrasting styles, selecting complimentary or the same color scheme in both the seating and table keep the flow going in your set-up.  

What color(s) do you want in your outdoor space? 

When it comes to colors, we have a rainbow of options for you to pick from to suit your taste. Want neutral colors that look like wood? Or do you prefer a bold two-tone color combination? Choose one or two of our 20+ poly lumber colors in most products to create dining furniture made to exactly what you want.  

Can’t decide between a few combinations? We always advise ordering samples so you’re confident when making your color selections.  

Adding a poly lumber dining area to your outdoor patio is a great way to get more use out of your space and enjoy it! Each piece of this furniture is customized with your preference in mind so you can feel proud of your outdoor area. Thinking about each of these steps as you go through the process of ordering your furniture will help you make the best decision possible and love the items you picked for years to come.  

Ready to shop all ECCB Outdoor dining? Check it out here or shop our catalog here. If you have any questions about our poly lumber outdoor furniture, please contact our customer care team at 800-687-5086 or use the chat feature on our website.