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Why ECCB Outdoor Adirondack Chairs Make Great Firepit Seating

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Aug 12th 2021

Why ECCB Outdoor Adirondack Chairs Make Great Firepit Seating

The last thing you want your firepit seating to be is stressful. Why not take a load off by using ECCB Outdoor Adirondack chairs around your firepit this year? Besides being made of weather-resistant poly lumber, these chairs are a great option if you really want to give your firepit area some personality and make it the most comfortable spot to unwind. 

Get ready to put some wood on the fire, you’ll be all over why our  Adirondack chairs are perfect for around your firepit this year! 

Comfortable Design 

You want to enjoy your time outdoors, under the stars, so why shouldn’t your chair be up to the challenge? Most ECCB Outdoor Adirondack chairs feature a front seat height of 15.5” and lower to a back seat height of 11.25” which means you’ll be sitting at a more relaxed angle than if you would be in a traditional chair. Many of the chairs also feature a waterfall seat, making it comfortable on the back of your legs and an easier time getting in and out of the chair. 

The more comfortable your chairs are, the more you and your guests will want to stick around! 

Built-In Features 

Once you take a seat in an Adirondack chair, the last thing you’ll want to do is get up (unless there’s s’mores, we recommend getting up for that). Keep everything you need within arm’s reach with built-in features that you won’t see without an upgraded price from other companies. All ECCB Outdoor Adirondack chairs feature a hideaway 3” diameter cup holder in the right arm of the chair. In most of our models, we also include a wine glass holder that doubles as a smart phone holder, which can be folded underneath the left arm of the chair when not in use. To top it off, any of our Integrated chair models will have a footrest that can be slid in or out, depending how you want to use the chair.  

You can view each chair’s built-in features by visiting the specific listings  here

Curb Appeal 

If you’re tired of pulling out cheap, plastic chairs because you don’t want them to blow away or see them cluttering up your yard, it may be time to invest in more substantial, attractive seating. Adirondack chairs can be perfect for making your yard look more inviting and ready for your next get-together around your fire! But it’s not all about looks, ECCB Outdoor Adirondack chairs can range anywhere from 42 to 51 pounds and are not going anywhere when it gets a little blustery outside. You won’t be chasing these chairs across your yard, that’s for sure! 

Simple to Store 

While ECCB Outdoor Adirondack chairs aren’t going anywhere when it comes to weight, most models feature a folding frame that make it easy to transport or store these chairs. Other chairs will have you trekking from your garage, all the way out to your firepit, chair parts fully extended. But with an ECCB Outdoor chair, you can fold the chair for a much easier walk out, and not hate your firepit seating in the process.  

Easy Upkeep 

When being used around a fire, it’s really easy to get your chairs dirty. Luckily, the poly lumber material is  low maintenance, no matter how many leaf stains, chili dogs, or spilled beer it comes in contact with. ECCB Outdoor Adirondack chairs are easy to wipe down with a soap and water mixture, and you can use a Magic Eraser/melamine sponge on any persistent stains. And no worries about removing the color, poly lumber has color throughout the boards to hide any nicks or scratches that may occur in your fun evenings outdoors. Because these chairs are meant to last a long time, we do suggest tightening the stainless steel hardware every now and then to protect the structural integrity of the chair.  

Adirondack chairs are a great option for you to enjoy around your firepit for years to come! We encourage you to check out our top-selling Adirondack chairs over at  

If you have any questions about adding these durable chairs to your outdoor space or about any of our poly lumber furniture, please reach out to our helpful customer care team at 800-687-5086 or through the chat function on our  website.