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What Fits in the ECCB Outdoor Adirondack Chair Cup Holder?

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Aug 25th 2021

What Fits in the ECCB Outdoor Adirondack Chair Cup Holder?

Say goodbye to rooting around for your drink that’s on the ground, next to your Adirondack chair, and then promptly spilling it. Or, even worse, you’ve gotten all comfy in your chair, and you try and put your cup in the cup holder and it’s too small.  

At ECCB Outdoor, we believe you should be able to keep everything at your fingertips while relaxing. Why get up when you don’t have to? Cup holders should be helpful, not a hassle!  

Since a hideaway cup holder is just one of the built-in features of an ECCB Outdoor Adirondack chair, we get asked quite a bit what kind of drinkware will fit.  As long as the item you’re trying to put in the cup holder has a diameter of 3” or less, you’re good to go! 

As seen in the video above, here are just a few of the items we tested, and fit, in our Adirondack chair cup holder: 

  • Plastic/glassware cups 
  • Large tumbler 
  • Plastic/metal water bottles 
  • Beer bottle 
  • Pop/beer can 
  • Bottle of water 
  • Juice pouch 

Many ECCB Outdoor Adirondack chair models also feature a foldout wine glass holder that doubles as a cell phone holder, so whatever you’re sipping on can stay right next to you, until your next refill that is!  

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