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How to Create the Perfect Rainbow Adirondack Chair Line-Up 

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Apr 30th 2022

How to Create the Perfect Rainbow Adirondack Chair Line-Up 

It’s always so exciting to see some of the colorful rainbow of Adirondack chairs that our customers order together. Sure, ordering all the same color will definitely look good together, but there’s something exciting about when a fun color scheme comes together in real life.   

Your rainbow could be a collection of your family’s favorite colors or your sports team loyalty, we have plenty of options if you know what colors you want! If you’re creating your own rainbow, make sure that you aren’t going to heavy into one color. For example, too many shades of red can make the color scheme look unbalanced (unless this is the look you’re going for!). 

If you don’t know where to start selecting multiple colors, check out some of the options we put together below. These colors work together in a rainbow and offer visual variety for your outdoor space. The below rainbows aren’t all necessarily your standard ROYGBIV, we’ve put together a rainbow for any outdoor aesthetic!  

Bright Pastels 

Tropical Hues 

Neutral Shades

Muted Tones 

Bold Colors 

Americana Hues 

Greige Shades 

Deep Colors 

Want to test these colors or your own combination next to each other? Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to order samples to perfect your rainbow before you purchase.  

We are excited to see what colorful rainbow Adirondack chair line-ups you create that are unique to your space! Make sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram to share it with us and be featured on our social media.