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Does ECCB Outdoor Poly Lumber Furniture Fade in the Sun? 

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on May 9th 2022

Does ECCB Outdoor Poly Lumber Furniture Fade in the Sun? 

We are proud to say our poly lumber furniture is weather-resistant and will thrive in any climate. The poly lumber does not absorb moisture, will not break down from salt spray, and is resistant to insects; so what about sun damage?  

You’ll be happy to know that our poly lumber is also UV-resistant! This does not mean fading will never occur, a giant fireball with a surface temperature of 10,000°F will do that, but we are able to slow down the process by using better materials.  

The UV inhibitors blended in with the HDPE formula are able to weaken some of the sun’s rays. This will help keep your chair close to the original color while being used outdoors. There is no extra charge for the UV inhibitor process, this is included in every piece of ECCB Outdoor poly. If you want to help preserve your chair color as much as possible, we do also recommend covering your chairs when they aren’t in use for even more sun protection.  

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