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How to Create a Safe Space for Wildlife in Your Yard  

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Jul 19th 2022

How to Create a Safe Space for Wildlife in Your Yard  

Need a source of entertainment all year round? Wildlife watching is a great time for the whole family and can be easily done from your own backyard! Not only is this educational and free, wildlife watching can also help cultivate a mutually beneficial environment for your backyard visitors.   

Here’s how you can get started making your outdoor space safer for wildlife this season and involve the whole crew!  

Native Species  

If there are certain animals your littles ones want to see or if you have repeat backyard visitors you want to invite in more, tailor what you provide to this particular wildlife. Do a little research and observation to see what animals are already frequenting your area, from there you can put together more of a plan to enhance your outdoor space for these animals.   

Water Source  

Everything on this planet needs water to survive so bringing in water sources is one of the most successful ways to invite more wildlife, especially if you don’t live near freshwater streams or bodies of water. Depending on the size of your space, ponds, water containers, and bird baths can make a big difference in the amount of wildlife that come into your yard. Make sure water features are working, filled, and there are no clogs that would cause mold or stagnant water.   

To Feed or Not to Feed  

It isn’t necessary to feed wildlife, but if you’re going to, it’s important to do it the right way. Providing the right food, height, and a clean receptacle is essential to allowing wildlife to feel safe and not growing bacteria. Ecosystems are resilient but fragile, make sure you’re helping your environment and not harming it when cultivating a safe space for wildlife.   

More Plants  

Bringing more wildlife to your yard and increasing sustainability could be as simple as planting the right plants! Adding goldenrod, sunflowers, violets, honeysuckle, and more will not only make your space more beautiful, but they’re good for it too. These plants can help and also sustain a variety of wildlife as well as upping pollinators, making your backyard a great place for creatures great and small to thrive. 


While it is still in nature, you can provide your backyard wildlife as refuge by keeping away predators as best you can. Birdhouses and nesting boxes can be beneficial to your smaller guests and provide them a safe space to grow their families. When installing these kinds of structures, take note of the recommended heights and any location advice, these are all important in keeping these spaces safe. Providing a haven away from predatory animals can lead the prey to returning to your backyard more frequently.  

Creating a safe space for wildlife to come into your yard isn’t difficult, it just takes some thought and effort! Enhancing their (and your) environment by offering a safe haven can be extremely beneficial without taking away their survival instincts. Bring beautiful wildlife into your yard but keep them healthy and safe at the same time!   

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