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10 Top Color Trends in ECCB Outdoor Patio Furniture for 2022

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Jan 21st 2022

10 Top Color Trends in ECCB Outdoor Patio Furniture for 2022

New year, new popular colors! We love being able to offer our customers 20+ poly lumber colors to choose from in most of our furniture, but we know it can be tricky to choose which one is right for your outdoor space.  

Some of these colors have held their favor over the years, and are still top choices by customers today! Here are the colors we predict that will retain their popularity and those that will rise up in the ranks in 2022: 

Faithful Favorites: 


A classic choice for any patio, Black has been a consistent choice for customers looking for patio furniture that will match any outdoor space. Black is also typically the lowest price tier because it’s easiest to make from a production standpoint, which may also feed into its popularity. 

Aruba Blue 

Customers that are a fan of bright, beachy colors always seem to be gravitating towards Aruba Blue. This color is versatile, but really packs a punch on patios where they are the focal point. Aruba Blue is the perfect pop of color, especially next to pools of similar shades. 

Antique Mahogany 

One of our original textured wood grain poly lumber options, Antique Mahogany keeps its crown with its warm, medium brown tone that fits in any space easily. This color looks and feels like real wood; an easy choice for customers that want the look of wood without the rigorous maintenance.  


Similarly to Black, you can’t mess with the classics! White has remained a customer favorite on its own in single-toned furniture and as a common secondary color in two-toned furniture. This color keeps outdoor spaces looking light and bright, while remaining neutral to be paired easily with other items.  

Royal Blue 

Royal Blue toes the line between a bold and classic blue, making it perfect for many different patio styles. The cool tone can hold its own in a mix of brighter colors or stand out amongst more neutral earth tones. Royal Blue holds many possibilities for patio design, giving you the best of both worlds! 

Up and Coming: 

Forest Green 

This rich, dark green pairs perfectly with other neutral colors, making it an instant classic choice. Forest Green is most at home in more wooded areas where the color can blend right into its environment. This shade of green is great for adding some color while still flowing with more muted surrounding patio furniture.  


The Pantone® 2022 color of the year is Very Peri, a shade of purple, a precursor to this color popping up in everything, including in outdoor furniture. Our purple poly lumber color is more of a grapey purple, a great complement to other brightly-toned patio furniture. Purple is a whimsical choice that certainly is a showstopper for any outdoor area. 

Coastal Gray 

Another rising star, Coastal Gray is a great middle ground between warm brown and cool gray tones. While still in the gray color family, Coastal Gray looks great with a variety of other outdoor furniture and has the wood grain texture that gives it a traditional spin. Whether your patio is more beachy or classic, this color will fit right in.  

Cardinal Red 

For those who want red without going  full red, Cardinal Red is becoming a popular choice. This muted red has a classic look that’s perfect for being the centerpiece of any patio. While it can pair with some other bright colors, Cardinal Red makes a statement all on its own and looks the best amid other neutral furniture. 

Sage Green 

Add a little color without overtaking your whole outdoor design with earthy Sage Green. By being a muted green, Sage Green is extremely versatile for its surroundings, working together with the colors around it in mutual harmony. This color has popped up in a variety of patios, gardens, and next to pools and looks right at home in each setting. 

But of course, we have many more options than these ten listed. You can view all of our color options and even order samples  here. If you have any questions about our colors or furniture, please give our customer care team a call at 800-687-5086 or use the chat function on our website when available.