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4 Furniture Elements That Will Improve Your AirBNB’s Outdoor Space

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Jun 10th 2022

4 Furniture Elements That Will Improve Your AirBNB’s Outdoor Space

Your AirBNB has the location, space, and view your guests have been looking for; but how is your patio looking? Let renters enjoy their home away from home with the right outdoor furniture!  

If you own an AirBNB or any rental home, it’s worth taking into consideration these furniture ideas that will improve your outdoor space, give guests the most relaxing experience, and attract future renters. Check these out! 

Rocking Chair and Gliders 

When it comes to relaxing, furniture that has soothing motion is always a hit! Rocking chairs or gliders look great on front porches or deck spaces that have a flat, level surface that’s conducive to moving. This furniture amps up the homey factor of the home, letting renters sit back and take the view in.  

Adirondack Chairs 

Adirondack chairs bring so much to any outdoor space! The classic Adirondack silhouette has a beachy, vacation-ready feel that cultivates tranquility and works in any environment. Try putting Adirondack chairs around a firepit, facing your greatest view, or near a pool. If you want to truly give your guests a pleasant experience, opt for an Adirondack chair model with a footrest so they can take in the outdoors with their feet up! 

Table and Chairs 

Give your guests the ability to do anything in your outdoor space with the right table and chairs. Work from home? Yep! Enjoy meals outdoors? Of course! Play board games outdoors? Sure thing! A table and chairs set-up makes it easy to add some sunshine to these activities and an area where everyone can congregate. Want something a little higher off the ground? There’s many counter or bar height options you can explore, with matching seating to boot!   

Deep Seating  

Take lounging to a new level with a deep seating collection. This kind of furniture refers to the extended bottom seat cushion so that the sitter’s entire upper leg is on the cushion, making it perfect for creating that ideal outdoor oasis. From chairs to love seats to sofas, deep seating set-ups are completely customizable for how many seats you want in this area and how much room you have to work with. Don’t forget a coffee table to pull your seating elements together for a complete look! 

Whatever furniture you choose to incorporate into your AirBNB’s outdoor space, make sure that you’re buying the right material that will last for many renters to come. Check out our buying guide for rental homes here

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