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5 Seasonal Cleaning Must-Do’s for Your Poly Lumber Furniture

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Aug 30th 2023

5 Seasonal Cleaning Must-Do’s for Your Poly Lumber Furniture

Better weather is on the horizon and it’s a great time to get your outdoor poly lumber furniture ready to go. 

Whether you’re pulling out furniture you’ve kept in storage from winter storms or dusting it off from the last time you used it, it’s always a good idea to give your furniture a little TLC before the start of the season. Poly lumber is a very low maintenance material so it’s easy to forget the wonders a little touch-up can do. 

We’ve put together a short and sweet must-do list to get your favorite poly lumber pieces ready for a season of relaxing! 

Give it a once over. 

Luckily, poly lumber does not absorb moisture, nor does it require extra painting, staining, or waterproofing to stay resilient to Mother Nature. But it’s always a good idea to identify any areas that may require a little extra attention due to your furniture being stored away. Go over the furniture with a soft rag to get the dust off and make sure the furniture is good to use. Dusting initially will leave the more difficult debris for the next step. 

Wash it off. 

Grab your garden hose and start spraying! Get any mud, leaf stains, or unwanted organic matter off quickly by going over each piece slowly but pointedly. We do not recommend power washing your poly lumber furniture, but if you do, keep the power washer at least 12” away from the surface and do not use a stronger setting than 1500 psi. Using your garden hose will give you better control over the water stream that will help to avoid harming the integrity of the material.  

Treat any stains. 

After being stored for a few months, you may have some stains that are a little tougher to get out. In these cases, use a Magic Eraser or a soft bristle brush on the area. Spraying the area down, scrubbing, and washing away the lifted dirt can be helpful on the really tricky spots

Tighten up any loose hardware. 

Each piece of ECCB Outdoor poly lumber furniture is complete with #316 stainless steel, rust-resistant hardware. The beginning of the season is the perfect time to check on the tightness of your screws and give them a little tune-up. Be careful not to ruin the hardware’s threads by overtightening. 

Return your furniture to where you’ll be using it. 

If that’s around your pool, on your porch, to the concrete pad in the sun – wherever you intend on using it, move it there. If your items have a folding frame, be sure to fold prior to moving them around for easier transport. Try your best to not drag your furniture across hard surfaces, you don’t want to scratch or damage the poly lumber in your efforts to put it out.  

Poly lumber furniture can last a long time when it’s taken care of properly. Going down this list at the beginning of the season can make such a difference in the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. With its low maintenance nature and these simple cleaning steps, you can feel confident that your poly lumber furniture is ready to go for this year, and many years to come.