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7 Summer Activities You Can Do With Your Adirondack Chair

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Jun 4th 2022

7 Summer Activities You Can Do With Your Adirondack Chair

There’s no way around it, summer is the best season to enjoy the great outdoors from your comfy Adirondack chair. A couple of the biggest perks of our chairs are the cup holder and wine glass holder/smartphone holder, keeping everything you need to relax in close reach so you can take full advantage of the summer weather.

From days outside to nights under the stars, check out these summer activities that will get you excited to dust off your Adirondacks and take in the sunshine! 

Leisurely Reading  

Why does reading outdoors feel so great? It’s like a double whammy; you’re being productive in reading but also relaxing! Adirondack chairs are the perfect place to read for fun or work, especially our integrated footrest model that you can stretch out in! Plus, by having a designated “reading chair” outdoors, may make the summer reading list for you or your kids go by even faster. 

Chatting with Friends 

Having a summer get-together? Arrange your Adirondack chairs in a circle to keep conversation easy and flowing in the fresh air. These chairs make a statement and keep your guests comfortable, making you the hostess with the mostest! 

Soaking in Some Rays 

Forget the beach towel, soak in the sunshine from the comfiest Adirondack chair! Catching some rays from an Adirondack chair is way more comfortable than the ground, and it’s easier to get out of. Our poly lumber material is UV resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting too much sun. All you have to worry about is you, don’t forget the SPF!  

Enjoying a Drink 

Take in the summer weather with a cool glass of water, wine, beer, or pop, all from your Adirondack chair! No matter what drink you’re nursing, our cup and wine glass holders will hold your beverage of choice so you can be hands-free and not speed any ice melting. Our poly lumber is commercial grade, so our Adirondack chairs are perfect for breweries, wineries, and distilleries too!  

Beaching It 

Sitting There may be no more quintessential summer feeling than lounging at the beach in a comfortable Adirondack chair. You can take in the view, enjoy the sea breeze (and yes, our poly lumber IS resistant to ocean spray!), and when high tide comes rolling in, you can easily fold up the chair and move to higher ground.  

Being Around the Fire

Starry night views are incomparable but can be made even better when you’re enjoying them around the fire, with a s’more, in an Adirondack chair! Circle your Adirondack chairs around your firepit for a relaxing evening under the night sky. This is another instance where those handy cup holders will come in handy so you’re fumbling (and spilling) in the dark for your cups! 

Relaxing in the Great Outdoors 

All of these other activities are great, but our favorite is simply just relaxing in the great outdoors, wherever you’re at! Sometimes you need to just stop and take in the natural beauty around you, and the view from an Adirondack chair is pretty sweet. Summer is one of the greatest times to enjoy time outside, take advantage of it while it’s here! 

What are some of your favorite ways to use your Adirondack chair in the summer? Let us know below!