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Camp in Style: Poly Lumber Furniture for Your Campground

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Aug 31st 2023

Camp in Style: Poly Lumber Furniture for Your Campground

Over the past couple of years more people have been turning to camping as a way to enjoy the great outdoors, which is great news for your campground! Booked and busy is ideal for your business, especially if you’re only open for a limited season. 

Increased camper traffic also means more people are using your campground’s furniture so it’s probably time to look at something durable and well-worth your investment. 

Poly lumber furniture is perfect for any outdoor area, including your campground! This durable material does not absorb moisture, has a long lifespan, and is easy to maintain. All you need is soap and water to clean these off, making pre- and postseason cleaning a breeze. Plus, you can choose the color scheme that makes sense for the area, your colors, or just for fun.  

Certain areas that get a lot of use and traffic would be perfect for poly lumber pieces. Check out these ideas of where poly lumber furniture could help spruce up your outdoor spaces and have longevity for future visitors to come.  


Around your main fire ring is the perfect place to add comfortable Adirondack chairs for guests to relax in! There is nothing more cozy and quintessential camp than these chairs around for all to come gather and make s’mores in. If you want more seats, getting a few benches to stagger around the fire is also a great idea to add more seating.  

Eating Spot 

If you have a general store or snack shack, tables and chairs outside of these areas are a good idea so campers can eat outdoors not too far from where they grabbed some munchies. A few table and chair sets go a long way for sprucing up this area and making it more inviting. This can also double as a craft activity area!  

Outdoor Activity Areas 

Do you have walking/hiking trails or playgrounds on your campground land? You may want to add some bench seating along the way for people to take a breather and relax. This is also a great opportunity if long-time campers want to purchase or help you purchase memorial benches (yes, we can engrave benches too!) for loved ones. Not only does this help with the cost of a bench, it further cements your connection to your camping community.  


Let campers have the perfect day in the sun, sitting in a comfy Adirondack chair, around your pool area. Adirondack chairs give any spot a relaxing, beachy feel, and we recommend springing for a chair model with a footrest by the pool. Even just adding a few Adirondacks upgrades the area and will make them the most coveted pool chairs in the campground.   


With an influx of campers coming in, some campgrounds are offering deluxe spaces for glamping. You’ll find many of these deluxe lots include items like Adirondack chairs, rocking chairs, gliders, and even outdoor dining furniture to complete the upgraded experience. Adding these extra amenities can entice campers wanting more than your standard offerings, plus allow you to increase the fee.  

Where can you see adding poly lumber furniture to your campground? We’d love to hear what you think as well. 

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