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How to Mix ECCB Outdoor Furniture Collections on Your Patio

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Sep 30th 2021

How to Mix ECCB Outdoor Furniture Collections on Your Patio

Typically when we release new poly lumber furniture, it’s either a new collection or it joins an existing collection that has a similar look to it. These collections are meant to keep similar-looking products together for a simple way to furnish your patio. 


Your patio furniture is a way to express your personal style and taste, it’s an extension of your home, so there’s no reason to have to color within the lines of a collection. It’s definitely possible to use different patio furniture collections and still create a cohesive look, keep reading to learn more!  

Mix Up the Materials 

Combining poly lumber and aluminum furniture pieces can bring different collections together and is an easy way to add visual interest to your outdoor space. Dreaming of a lime green poly lumber Great Lakes outdoor table and don’t want to get super matchy with the chairs around it? Check out one of our classic black aluminum collections like Luca or Lena that can match any poly lumber with ease. Or vice versa, you can add neutral Luca table tops around Antique Mahogany Outer Banks Ladder Back Dining Chairs. Mixing materials allows the poly lumber collection to be center stage with the metal collection having more of a supporting role. 

Focus on a Design Concept 

A simple way to mix collections is to consider what you want your design concept to be. Most of our collections can be broken down into the following categories, determined by silhouette, which are a great starting point for mixing collections:  

  • Classic Collections – Outer Banks, Harbor, Monaco, Great Lakes, Mission, Caribbean 
  • Contemporary – Lake Shore, Luca, Lena 
  • Rustic – Montauk, Napa, Farmhouse, Carmelle 
  • Lodge – Poly Ridge 

For example, it’s easier to combine pieces from a classic collection and rustic collection than it is for a lodge and contemporary collection to come together. In fact, most other collection’s easiest match will be one of the classic collections as they tend to be the least ornamental.  

Keep the Color Consistent 

With one (or two) color(s) in mind, mixing patio furniture collections is a breeze! Keeping the color consistent in your patio furniture makes different furniture items look like they belong together, even if they aren’t in the same collection. We do offer many poly lumber items to be made in two-toned color combinations, so you can purchase each furniture item in your desired colors. For example, if you’re loving the Patriot Blue and Dark Gray poly lumber together, you could get both your table and seating in both of these colors, erasing the line between collections. Ordering items with the same color or color scheme can tie together a variety of collections, making them look made to be together! 

It can seem daunting to mix furniture collections that go together so well, but your patio, like any other room in your home, is a chance to show off your style, so why not? By keeping material, design style, and color in mind when selecting your outdoor furniture, you can blur the collection lines and create a unique space that’s all your own.  

Are you more of a mix or match collection type of person? Let us know below!