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Outdoor Projects to Up Your Home's Value

Posted by ECCB Outdoor on Jun 21st 2019

Outdoor Projects to Up Your Home's Value

A house is the biggest financial investment that many of us will ever make. So it stands to reason that we’d want to maximize our potential return by doing all we can to build our home’s value.

First impressions are everything, so a great way to increase your home’s worth is to focus on the outside space. You want to wow potential buyers before they even open the front door. With the right exterior upgrades, you could potentially up your home’s value by 3% – 5%!

Ranging from quick jobs to larger investments of time and money, these outdoor projects can really increase your home’s value.

Simple and Affordable

Outdoor home projects don’t have to be expensive! A little elbow grease and a few affordable supplies can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance and desirability.

Clean it up

Over time, every house accumulates dirt on siding, patios, and windows. Give your whole exterior a cleaning to make it look fresh and well cared for.

If you have vinyl siding, a quick once-over with a pressure washer will do wonders to freshen it up. Portable electric pressure washers are affordable to buy.  Or, you can rent one from your local home improvement store. You’ll want a small unit meant for cleaning rather than stripping paint.

You can also use the pressure washer to clean stains from concrete or stone patios. A well-cleaned patio will look like new! (Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying to reveal the clean stone underneath all the grime.)

For wood siding, pressure washing isn’t recommended. Instead, wet down the siding with a garden hose. Then scrub it with a brush and wood siding cleaner. Once the dirt has been loosened, rinse the soapy water off to reveal your fresh clean home.

Never use a pressure washer on windows. The high-powered water could break right through. Instead, clean windows by hand.

Wet the windows with your garden hose. Then use a clean microfiber cloth to remove loose dirt and debris. Rinse them again, and then spray with a window cleaner. Pull a squeegee down the face of the window to wipe off the cleaner without leaving streaks.

Now, your house should be looking spic and span!

Repaint the front door

Adding a pop of color to your front door can increase your home’s curb appeal — and its resale value. As for the best color? In 2017, Zillow said that navy blue or dark grey could increase your home value by $1,500.

But by 2018, it was all about black. According to their research, an elegant black door could translate to a $6,000 boost in the sale price!

Update the landscaping

An unkempt yard may make a potential buyer wonder what else has been neglected — like expensive mechanical systems. Put their minds at ease by giving the landscaping a quick update.

Make sure garden beds are well-weeded and freshly mulched. Pull any dead plants and replace them with flowers or shrubs.

Hire an arborist to trim any overgrown trees. And place any unsightly lawn tools like rakes, watering cans, or rubber hoses out of sight.

Quick fixes

There are a few other quick updates that you can do to add to your home’s curb appeal.

If the numbers on your house haven’t been updated since it was built in the 70s, it may be time for a swap. Sites like Etsy and Amazon have house numbers in any style you could want.

Another quick job — clean or replace your porch lights. Dingy dated light fixtures will antiquate your home. Dust them off to remove cobwebs and dirt. Or if they’re really in bad shape, replace them with basic modern fixtures from your local home improvement store.

Add a fire pit

When buyers are shopping for a home, they’re trying to imagine themselves using it on a daily basis. Where would they put the grill? Is there room in the yard for a game of catch?

Help them to see the possibilities by adding a smart fire pit. They’ll be fantasizing about making S’mores with the family in no time.

In-Depth Improvements

If the prospect of a full-scale project doesn’t daunt you, consider a few of these larger undertakings to really boost that home value!

Add an outdoor room

You may not be prepared for the investment of adding another bedroom to your house, but how about adding an outdoor room instead?

A deck or patio is a popular home addition. An estimated 87% of home buyers want some kind of outdoor space where they can enjoy their backyards.

A composite or wood deck will cost around $35 per square foot. But homeowners can expect to recoup 69% – 75% of the costs when they sell their homes.

Patios are generally more affordable, but costs will vary widely depending on the material. A poured concrete patio will be much cheaper than a high-end flagstone version. But any kind of patio is better than none, and they can return up to 55% of the cost when it comes time to sell.

Add an irrigation system

An irrigation system will keep the lawn and plants looking lush without any work from the homeowner. And that’s a perk that will definitely impress potential buyers.

Although these systems can cost $3,000 – $4,000 for a ¼ acre lot, you can cut costs in half if you do the install yourself. Although with the amount of digging involved, you may just want to call in the pros on this one.

An irrigation system can be a huge selling feature for a busy homeowner who doesn’t want to sacrifice their time to keep the grass thriving.

Replace a dated garage door

The garage door can dominate your home’s street-facing real estate. If it’s dented and drab, consider replacing it with something newer. Some popular versions include faux hinges and handles to create the look of vintage carriage doors.

A high-end garage door can actually recoup up to 98% of its investment when it comes time to sell your home!

No matter your budget, there are upgrades that you can make to your home’s exterior to boost its value. After a few of these projects, your house may end up looking so nice that you’ll decide you’d rather keep it after all!