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6 New Birdhouse & Feeder Styles That Will Help Your Backyard Flourish

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Dec 5th 2020

6 New Birdhouse & Feeder Styles That Will Help Your Backyard Flourish

Not only do we make the perfect furniture to help you relax; we now have something for your backyard feathered and furry friends as well. We are excited to announce our new line of  birdhouses and wildlife feeders, Amish-made in our Pennsylvania production facility!  

Each of our birdhouses and feeders are made of the same durable, weather-resistant poly lumber as our very popular Adirondack chairs! Our poly lumber is made from 95% certified recycled material, making this an eco-friendly purchase. In fact, most of our birdhouses are made from leftover poly lumber remnants from the production of our larger furniture. 

This material is very easy to clean with a gentle soap and water mixture. We do recommend cleaning out the birdhouses and feeders at the end of the season to prepare them for their next guests.  

Check out these new additions that will be the chatter of your neighborhood birds and squirrels! 


Safe, secure, and great to look at in your yard! Each Enchanted Cottage Collection birdhouse is made with a slanted roof, drain holes, and air vents to keep your birds happy and healthy throughout the nesting process. They also feature holes that are just the right size to keep out predators. These birdhouses come in a variety of color themes so you can pick the perfect one for your outdoor area.  

Enchanted Cottage Wren House  

Make your small birds like wrens, chickadees, and warblers feel right at home with this quaint little cottage. This birdhouse should be hung from the included chain about five to eight feet above the ground, with the entry hole facing away from the wind. The removable roof (just goes up the chain) makes things simple for end of season cleaning, while being a barrier from other birds and the elements.  

Shop the Enchanted Cottage Wren House  here.  

Enchanted Cottage Bluebird House 

House your backyard bluebirds with this cute, slanted roof chalet made just for them. This birdhouse features a hole just the right size to keep your bluebirds protected from predatory birds and the weather. Mount this house on a tree, post, or garden structure about four to six feet above the ground to give your bluebirds easy access to their new home (mounting hardware not included).  

Shop the Enchanted Cottage Bluebird House  here


Keep your resident squirrels and birds happy all year long with these unique feeders! Each feeder features a different way to make sure your yard’s wildlife stay well-fed. Like the birdhouses, each feeder with a tray bottom has drainage holes to prevent the food from sitting in water and molding. Please note, these listings do not include food with them.  

Enchanted Animal Collection Squirrel Feeder 

Everyday can be a picnic in your backyard for your squirrels with this fun mini picnic table! Set out your choice of food with the removable bucket or screw for corn cobs and let them feast. This squirrel feeder can be set on your own picnic table or mounted on a tree (mounting hardware not included). 

Shop the Enchanted Animal Collection Squirrel Feeder  here.  

Standard Poly Lumber Bird Feeder 

Feed your small to medium-sized birds with this beautifully-made hopper style feeder. Simply lift the roof up, fill with bird seed, and let them enjoy from the two-sided tray that can accommodate multiple birds at once. The clear polycarbonate sides of the feed container help filter the food down, making less of a mess than a completely open feeder. This bird feeder can be hung on a tree branch with the included chain. 

Shop the Standard Poly Lumber Bird Feeder  here.  

Standard Poly Lumber Bird Feeder & Suet Feeder 

Get all the perks of our other bird feeder but include suet cages to appease a new set of birds! Fill the large center container with bird seed, add suet cakes to the cages on either end, and open your bird-focused buffet. Small to medium-sized birds like cardinals, woodpeckers, and sparrows will enjoy the options. This double feeder can be hung on a tree branch by way of the included chain.  

Shop the Standard Poly Lumber Bird Feeder & Suet Feeder  here

Bright Orange Oriole Bird Feeder 

Attract orioles to your yard with the beautiful Bright Orange poly lumber of this feeder. While they’re there, they can enjoy jelly/jam out of the jars or an orange from the pegs. With two of each feeding station, you can accommodate multiple orioles at once! This feeder comes with a strong chain to be hung on a tree, post, or wherever your orioles like to flock.  

Shop the Bright Orange Oriole Bird Feeder  here

Housing and feeding your backyard birds and animals is not only nice to do; your whole family can watch the magic of nature unfold, season after season. Ready to see our full line of birdhouse and feeders’ color options? Head to and start transforming your yard into bird and squirrel-friendly outdoor space!